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April Fresh - Massage Oil Candle

April Fresh - Massage Oil Candle

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April fresh is a crisp, clean scent, reminiscent of blooming flowers. It evokes feelings of renewal, vitality, leaving the skin feeling revitalized


Shea butter, Beeswax, Coconut soy wax, Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, Avocado oil, and fragrance.


*Alleviate stress

*Deeply moisturing  

*Reduce tension 

*Relax the muscles

*Increases circulation

*Hydrating to the skin

*Reduce aches and pains


Size: 4oz


Light wick and allow the top level of oil pool to evenly melt. Gently  blow out the flame.  Pour onto skin and rub it in

If sensitive to heat, test in hand before pouring on body.

Avoid using on face and sensitive areas

As with any candle, DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED


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